Reading and Math Teacher Resources


Research & Experienced-based: It’s All in the Ingredients

Our Gourmet Learning curriculum:CHEF

Meets the full range of students’ and teachers’ needs:
Primary whole-class instruction
Supplemental support for math programs and reading programs
Before school and After school programs
Summer School
Intervention or district-based SES (Title I)
Special Education
Dual Language/Bilingual/ELL
Gifted and Talented

Appetizers are short, daily warm-ups that, like any good appetizer, are intended to tantalize the students’ Reading and Math appetites. Our daily warm-ups can supplement teacher lesson plans for both math lessons and reading lessons.

Main Dishes are comprehensive, in-depth reading lessons and math lessons that follow the Madeline Hunter Instructional Model, designed with Explicit Instruction, reinforcing activities,collaborative learning, enrichments, reteaches and formative assessments to monitor students’ progress.  Reading and Math skills. These programs are designed to supplement teacher lesson plans by adding short activities for students that reinforce math practice and reading skills.

 Novel Dishes  include three instructional reading skills incorporated through the content of an award-winning novel following the components of our signature Appetizers, Main Dishes and Desserts.  Novel dishes are a great supplement to reading lesson plans.  Some of the novels in our collection include timeless Newbery Medal and Honor books like Maniac Magee, Hatchet, and Number the Stars.

 Doggie Bags  are multiple games and activities from the Main Dishes printed on cardstock, laminated with a commercial grade laminate, and stored in canvas bags for take-home parent involvement and after school activities. These games can be used to reinforce ideas introduced in reading lesson plans or math lesson plans.