Math Appetizers

Math Program appetizers

Appetizers are daily warm up, or bell ringer, activities that focus on standards-based math practice skills like adding or subtracting fractions, using timelines and graphs, and understanding word problems. These appetizers are a great start to any math program or lesson and cover a wide variety of math practice topics.

Use these math appetizers first thing in the morning as your students are entering class.  Like any warm up activity, this gives students a useful task to complete while you finish taking attendance.  Math practice like this can be used even out of order.  For instance, if you’re working on decimals, you can still remind students of an earlier lesson division by using a quick math practice warm up activity like our math appetizers.  These warm-up activities have been designed by former teachers to provide supplemental teacher resources to use throughout the year.

Click below to download samples of our Math Program Appetizers

2nd grade math practice 3rd grade math practice 4th grade math practice

Gourmet Learning Math Warm Up Activities

For more math programs and math lesson plans, be sure to check out our Prac~Tis Math program! Available for grades 2-8, this new math program provides hundreds of grade-level math practice problems.  They’re all correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS) too!