Reading Appetizers

Reading Program and Social Studies topics appetizers

Appetizers are daily warm up, or bell ringer, activities that focus on standards-based skills like Facts and Details, Cause and Effect, Stated Main Idea and Context Clues.

Our Reading practice appetizers use a mix of genre passages with 2-3 questions to help students hone these basic comprehension skills.  We also use some open-ended questions and graphic organizers in our daily warm-up activities.  These daily warm-up activities are a useful supplement to reading lesson plans and can provide a great reinforcement of reading skills.

Our Social Studies appetizers use U.S. History topics to again help students develop their comprehension skills.  These social studies activities use topics like the Bill of Rights, Civil War battles and branches of government to help students practice reading skills like Making Inferences, Fact and Opinion and Persuasive Devices.  We offer 2 sets of U.S. History lesson appetizers and a set of 4th grade Texas History lesson appetizers.

Click each grade level to download a Reading Appetizer sample.

2nd grade reading lesson appetizers * 3rd grade reading lesson appetizers

4th grade reading lesson appetizers * 5th grade reading lesson appetizers

6th grade reading lesson appetizers * 7th grade reading lesson appetizers

8th grade reading lesson appetizers

Download a sample of our 8th Grade U.S. History topic appetizers.

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