Our appetizers are daily warm up activities.  Think of a "bell ringer" activity designed to help students practice their standardized testing skills.  These are available for Reading, Math, US History and Texas History.

Main Dishes

Our Main Dishes include: a script for teachers to use as a guide through introductions, checking for understanding interactive lessons, games, cooperative learning activities, a benchmark test, enrichment and reteaches for differentiated instruction, and a final test. These are available for Reading and Math. 

Novel Dishes

Novel dishes are lesson plans and activities created to work with specific Young Adult award-winning novels.  See more in our gallery below.

NEW! Practis Math

Hundreds of math problems in an Excel-based format available on CD or Flash Drive.  Available for Grades 1-9 and Geometry. Click here to learn more. 

Download samples

Click on a file to download.

Make Inferences R6 (pdf)


Nonfiction Lit Forms & Genres TEKS Test 2 R7 (pdf)


8th TX App Too (pdf)